About The Impossible Quiz

Go through string of questions and select the right answers out of the four suggested options. Some will ask that you use logicothers — creativity and sometimes you’ll need to downright guess what the remedy is. After some trial and error it is, in fact, possible to find things out and reach the conclusion.

1 thing to remember concerning this match is: it does not play with the rules of traditional quests and puzzles. As a matter of fact, sometimes it doesn’t even play with its own rules. Expect the unexpected — that’s the only principle which you should keep in mind while seeking to answer any specific question.

Every session of The Impossible Quiz game starts you off with 3 lives — essentially, they signify the number of errors you may make through the quiz before the game is finished. Sometimes, after answering several questions in a row correctly, you will be given with particular Jump bonuses that permit you to skip a particularly difficult puzzle. Some queries have timers symbolized by bombs which could go off in case you run out of time beware and make sure you’re prepared for anything!

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